Be Yourself

Full Avatar Bento Davide by Exmachina 
Skin Giorgio Light by Exmachina
Shape soon...

Comes with full Avatar
 -Main Hud
 -Full Bento Avatar
 -Rigged Eyes
 -Base Shape
 -Alpha Layer
 -Physic Layer
 -Bento Animations
 -Four full skin tones
 -3 different nails tones
 -Full Reset System
 -Hex Color Picker System
 -Zero Lag Body System
 -Shiness System- two versions

Automatic Alpha System
Automatic Appliers Updater
Over 250 alpha slices
Bento rig
Second Life UVMAPS
Dev Kit For Designers
Easy Fit System- Fit old Sl Clothes
Disable Script System-Roleplay
Push Updates System
Multiple Language HUD
Premier Support


Hello, I'm a blogger of Second life, i'll post here some pics of my work and soon news of my sponsors and event!! Enjoy and share!! :D